Winter Course Programme

Winter Course Maintenance Program 2018


Re Turf Men’s Competition Tee On 5th Hole

Due to the hard winter last year the new turf has not taken as well as hoped and alone with the dry summer causing damage we would like to re surface the tee area. Strip existing turf, rotovate soil, rake level and apply new turf.


Re Turf 9th Tee

Due to the very hot summer a lot of the tees had dried out brining us to notice many low areas on the 9th tee making the tee very uneven to play off. We will remove the existing tee turf, rotovate the soil to break up the surface, rake the soil level and apply new turf.


Re Shape Bunker On 10th Hole

The bunker on the 10th Hole has been holding a lot of water as it has a liner just below the surface of the sand. We would remove the current sand, remove the bunker liner and re shape the bunker to give it a better shape and make it more of a feature. The cost would be for new fresh sand. The rest of the work is staff time no heavy plant required.


Remove bunker at left hand side of 4th hole

There are 3 bunkers in front of the 4th green. The one on the left-hand side nearest the whins is not serving any useful purpose and the plan is to remove it.


Reshape bunkers

Several of the bunkers have lost their shape and are needing to be refaced e.g. the 2 bunkers on the

left-hand side of the 15th fairway. This work will be carried out as time and weather conditions

permit. This is a long term project and it will take 2 -3 years to sort all the bunkers.


Bush Clearance on Many Areas The Course

Many areas of the course are being smothered in whin bushes and taking over the Heather. Also bushes around the course are dead and unsightly so we will try and clear many areas. This will be carried out as time and weather allows.


Rubber Matting on Walkways

The Rubber Matting gets dug into the ground and placed on top of fresh turf, the matting has gaps in it to allow the grass to grow through the matting, with time it should hide the mat giving you a grass walk way which will last a long time.


Exiting 2nd tee

Walk off area when leaving 2nd tee down the slope has become very slippy and dangerous, it would be good to add rubber matting which the grass grows through the matting giving golfers grip when walking off.


Exiting 13th green

When leaving the 13th green going down the steep slope it would be good to provide golfer with a safer pathway to walk down, the rubber matting is safe and will fit in well with the surroundings.


Replacement of watering points

Many of the green boxes which house the watering points beside the greens are damaged and in need or replacement. Also it would be useful to install lockable boxes so that the kids cannot turn on the taps and cause localised flooding. The plan is to replace them all with new/reconditioned boxes.