Club History 1930’s – 1996

During the 1930’s new greens were made at the 7th, 9th and 17th.   The 8th green was extended. All this work was done by one man with a pick, shovel, rake, barrow and riddle.   New tees for most holes were also made during this period.

In September 1936 a second-hand triple gang mower and tractor were purchased for £88.15/-, (£88.75p).    The tractor was a Model-T Ford and was adapted for golf course use.    Among other things, the windscreen was replaced with a tin shield under which the driver ducked for protection from golf balls!
The horse drawn mower was sold to Mr. John MacQueen, Headmaster, Beauly Public School, for £1.

In March 1937 the Treasurer’s report was glowing, viz:- “ Notwithstanding extraordinary expenditure in the purchase of a special roller and of a second-hand mower and tractor, which in all amounted to £97, the Club was able to show a small credit balance. ” It had now become necessary to erect a garage to house the equipment.   Mr. Wm. Paterson, Committee Member (Engineer on the LM&S Railway) drew up a specification for a garage of home wood to house the tractor and mowers.   Quotations were received from :-MacLeod, Beauly £49.5.0MacKenzie, Muir of Ord £34.10.0MacLennan, Muir of Ord £22.10.0Joe Mann, Muir of Ord £18.17.6
Mr Mann’s quotation was accepted.   Railway sleepers were used for the floor.

The football pitch was in front of the Clubhouse and the 18th fairway ran through part of it.   As golf became more popular this situation created obvious problems.   Balls would often strike the goalposts and players could often find themselves back where they started – or worse!   When a football match was in progress, golfers had to play up the first fairway to reach the 18th green.

By 1939 the Football Club agreed to remove the cross-bars, but not the posts.   Lovat Estate offered to supply wood and sockets for the goalposts which could be removed during the close season.   The Golf Club was to dig the holes for the sockets.   However, because of the war, nothing happened and football was still played as before until the late 1950’s. (The picture shows the goalposts).

The land for the existing holes 9, 10 & 11 was purchased from Mr M Martin in 1994.  The three new holes were opened for play in 1996, replacing the original 9th hole which ran alongside the wall up the hill parallel to the existing 8th hole and the original 16th & 17th holes which are now the two practice holes across The Great North Road.

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5th hole old image

5th Hole

13th hole old photo

Old 11th Hole (Now 13th) with Clubhouse in Background

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15th hole old image

Old 14th Tee (Now 16th Tee)